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Comitato Nazionale per la Biosicurezza, le Biotecnologie e le Scienze della Vita


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The Committee organises its work in plenary meetings. For a more functional planning of the activities, on a reasoned proposal of the Committee’s President, special working groups may be set up with a DPCM and a measure by the Secretary General. Where required by the topic, other experts on the issue under specific discussion can be aggregated to the Committee and to the Groups. These experts are invited by the Committee’s President by letter.

Documents and proposals elaborated by the working Groups are reviewed by the Committee in plenary meetings and therefore subject to its approval.

The main issues tackled in recent years by various working Groups include: genetic testing, gene therapy, tissue engineering, development of biotechnologies in Italy, cloning, Italian and European legislation, clinical trials, GM, infrastructures, information, genetic screening, biobanks, bio-nanotechnologies.

The documents drawn up and approved by the Committee by the working Groups to date, can be found under “Documents”.

Information on the progress of studies of existing working Groups within the Committee, can be found under “Working Groups”.

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